Until the End of the World

I watched Until The End of the World. I heard about this movie on a blog I follow. There are two versions of this movie. One is 2 hours long, the other is 4 hours long. I watched the 4 hour long movie. Yes, that is long, but worth it if you can see the four hour long one. It has William Hurt, Solveig Dommartin, Sam Neill (love him), Ernest Berk, Christine Oesterlein, Chick Ortega, and Eddy Mitchell in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence. Note: the music in this movie is awesome.

In this movie, It is 1999 and a woman named Claire wakes up from a nightmare at a party. She lives the party and gets into a traffic jam. The satellites are down and one is out of obit and the US is deciding to shoot it out of the sky. Claire decides to go off-road to a highway that no one supposedly doesn’t use. She gets into a car wreck with some bank robbers who offer her some of the money if she takes some of the money to Paris. She does and she goes back to see her boyfriend Gene. But before she sees him, she meets a guy named Trevor. Trevor takes some money from her and he is hunted by a man with a gun. She goes chasing after Trevor to get her money back and to protect him from the man with the gun. It turns out his name is really Sam and his father made a device where the blind can see and he was recording videos of his family. The man chasing him was part of the US government. Claire helps his father with his experiment, but Sam’s mother dies. Then they go crazy and Gene saves Claire and Claire ends up being an astronaut.

I loved this movie. I’m watching Flowers in the Attic: The Origin. It’s not actually a movie though.

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