The Silmarillion

I finally finished reading The Silmarillion by J. R. Tolkien. It is the prequel to  The Lord of the Rings book series.  Yes, I did read The Lord of the Rings book series. One of the reasons why it took a long time to read was because I was getting confused between The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia book series, and The Silmarillion is hard to read. I had read an article about the hardest books to read and this is one of them.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence and some sad parts.

In this book, there are several tales that intertwine together. It starts out where Middle Earth is formed from a void and songs make up the land, trees, and flowers (similar to the Narnia book series). Then an elf gets jealous of the beautiful things and he splits up the other elves with a song of his own. He does some evil things. One of the tales was of some jewels that were very special. The evil elf does take them and he ends up getting put in a cage for a little while. The jewels do get lost forever. Later on, the evil elf’s second in command takes over and he makes rings to give the men, elves, and dwarfs. He also makes The One which the hobbits find.

I really did like this book. Now I’m reading The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. There is a movie based on The Case for Christ and I am watching it this weekend. 

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