White Snake II: The Tribulation of the Green Snake

I watched White Snake II: The Tribulation of the Green Snake. It is an animated movie and you may have to put on translation to know what they are saying. It has Xiaoxi Tang, Zhang Fuzheng, Feodor Chin, and Stephanie Wong in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence and it is very sad. Have tissues ready.

In this movie, Blanca and her sister fight a monk who was killing demons. Blanca gets killed and gives her baby to Verta to take of. Verta tries to take on the monk herself, but she is sorta killed. She wakes up in a modern type of China. She is saved by a masked man and a girl named Sister Sun. She tells Verta that this place was limbo (neither heaven or hell). In this limbo, there is some human, monsters, and demons. There is a monster gang that wants to take over everything. There is another gang that just wants peace. Sister Sun gets killed so the other gang takes her in. She meets the leader of the group Simon. She wants to know how to escape the limbo because not only the monster gang is “killing,” but there are soul eaters too. The soul eaters want to consume the beings that don’t want to leave. They make them into one of them so they have to stay. Simon, the masked man, and Verta go see the fox boss (she was in the first movie). She tells them that one way to escape from this limbo is to use a pool and throw the object of your obsession in the pool and you will forget everything. Verta doesn’t want to do that. Simon does do it and Verta says she doesn’t like him anymore because he is weak. She wanted to fall in love with someone strong. The fox boss tells her and the masked man later on that there is a wish bridge that will let her keep her memories and help her escape. There is a trick though she has to fight the monk over and over to finally kill him. To make the bridge appear. Verta also thinks the masked man is her sister Blanca. But the masked man is also a spy for the monster gang. The fox boss causes a flood, but the monster leader doesn’t die. Verta learns that the monk and the monster have an agreement where he would use the dark magic and then he would be able to go home. Verta kills the monk and the monster loses his dark magic. He gets bit by a soul eater and he bites the masked man/Blanca. The masked man makes sure Verta escapes. So she loses Blanca again. She is thrown back to China forward in time. She links the flute that the masked man had with the broken hairpin and she is releases Blanca again.

I sorta liked this movie. There is probably be a third movie that will be out this year is what I read. Of course, I want to see that one. Next week I’m watching The Spy Next Door.

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