The Last Battle

I finished reading The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis. It is the last book of the Narnia books series. There are seven books of the Narnia book series. I have seen the movies that were based on some of the books.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, a monkey tricks a donkey to wear a dead lion’s skin. He wanted to trick the other animals so he can get some more food and other things. He also can make them do some very bad things. The animals would think the donkey was Aslan, the Lion King of Narnia. All the animals believed. Then some of the humans that followed the Tash religion started believing that Aslan and Tash were one being (this is not true). The last king of Narnia didn’t believe it so he yelled for the children and Aslan to save him from getting killed by the ape. Jill and Eustace came to rescue him. They also rescued the king’s unicorn (yay unicorn!) and the donkey. The king didn’t want the children to be involved in the battle against all the animals, but Jill and Eustace wanted to be in the fight. Tash was a real thing and it did take away the leader of the Tash believers. Then the king went into the stable where he found all the children together and changed. They thought Narnia was all lost, but Aslan had built a new Narnia that was better. The children got to see their old friends that died before them and got to be with their parents again.

At first, I didn’t like the book, I love the end of it. Now I’m listening to Finding God in the Land of Narnia by Kurt Bruner and Jim Wise.

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