White Snake

Note: I had planned on watching another movie, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I decided to watch this movie instead. This week’s movie is White Snake. It is an animated movie. It has Vincent Rodriguez III, Matthew Moy, Stephanie Sheh, Lydia Look, James Sie, Faye Mata, Vivian Lu, and Karen Huie in it.

Big Warning: there is a very sad part. Have tissues ready. There is also some violence.

This movie is based on a fable of a human man who falls in love with a white snake demon. She is an assassin who is hired to kill the general because he is eating snakes to feed his evil power. She gets caught and she runs for her life. Then she wakes up in a patch of grass. She doesn’t remember who she is, or what she has done. A man had rescued her. He is a snake catcher, but he is actually afraid of snakes. lol. He wants to be a doctor instead. They eventually fall in love. Then she remembers who she is and what she has done. In the end, the general and the snake queen are killed at a very huge stake.

Even though I hated the very sad part, I loved the movie. I didn’t know there is a sequel so I watching it next week. It is called White Snake II: The Tribulation of the Green Snake.

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