Master of the Shadowless Kick

Last week I watched Master of The Shadowless Kick. I had taped it when it was on Cinemax. It is based on the real-life story of Wong Kei-Ying. It has Sun Haoran, Zhou Xiaofei, Chen Zhihui, Jiang Mingyang, Yang Liao, Hou Xu, and Xie Ning in it.

Warning: there is some violence, three sad parts, and some drug use.

In this movie, Wong Kei-Ying is a martial artist and a physician. His wife dies while running away from some masked men who were targeting a martial artist. The governor makes a statement about getting rid of opium houses and cleaning up the neighborhoods. Wong Kei-Ying notices the governor hurt his leg and decides to treat him. But it is later revealed that the governor and his men were the masked men. The martial artist that was targeted was Wong Kei-Ying’s master who has the knowledge of the shadowless kick. The governor had the master in a dungeon. Wong Kei-Ying was called to look after the prisoner. Instead, he rescues his master, but he fails to heal him. Wong Kei-Ying had a project on trying to make a drug to help people that have opium addiction. Then the governor takes over the opium trade and calls on Wong Kei-Ying to get him to make a strong high for the opium. He refuses and the governor kidnaps his kid. Wong Kei-Ying kills the governor.

I sorta liked this movie.

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