The month of January

Happy New Year!!

Chris did come down for Christmas (his birthday). He is now 46 years old. He gave me a travel telescope which is really cool. I gave him his diamond painting and he liked it. He went back up to New Jersey on Dec. 29th. We saw the new Superman movie. I will post about it later. We also visited a museum near her that I had never been to. They had a vintage toy exhibit.

I also got two pairs of shorts from my great-aunt and cousin. I also got some socks and a new computer desk from my mother. Another cousin gave me some socks and gloves. My best friend gave me a journal and some earrings.

There really isn’t much happening this month. Chris had said about coming down this month, but when he went back home he found out his cat died so he might come down next month. This is US is coming back on tonight!! and The Blacklist is coming back on Thursday!!

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