Ready Player One (book)

I finished listening to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Yes, there is a movie based on the book and I did watch the movie.

Big Warning: there is some violence and some sad parts.

Note: I had decided to watch and listen to the book because I had read Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook and Meta) had given his employees the book and that the book had inspired him to create Meta. After listening to the book, I can see how it inspired him. OASIS does sound cool with everything stored in the program. I think some people are missing the point that the movie and book are trying to get across about how everyone is living their life inside a virtual world and not in reality. Just like everyone misses the point of the movie Wall-E. Everyone thinks it’s about an annoying robot who finds love. It shows at the end where everyone is stuck to the screens and not living in reality. 

In this book, a guy named James Halliday creates a program named OASIS which is a virtual universe where everything is stored. It is different for everyone school, gaming, or hanging out with friends. Before Halliday dies, he makes a contest where someone would win the keys (Willy Wonda) to the OASIS program and his fortune. In the contest, there are three keys and three gates (the gates weren’t in the movie). A guy named Wade finds the first key in a D&D tunnel (in the movie it’s a race). He meets a girl named Samantha who discovered the tunnel first but couldn’t get past the monster. Wade clears the first gate by being in a movie. Samantha follows after him and a “guy” named H follows after. Wade and H are best friends. Two Japanese guys follow after. The five meet in a virtual chat room, but the two Japanese guys don’t want to join as a group to win the prize.  Then Wade and Samantha date for awhile. But Samantha tells him that they live in a virtual world so he can’t really be in love with her. Then Samantha finds the second key and clears the second gate. The internet group IOI uses cheating to get the second key and clear the second gate. They also kill Daito in the virtual world and the real world (this doesn’t happen in the movie).  They also kill Wade’s aunt. The second key challenge was part of a video game (in the movie it was the movie/book The Shinning).  The second gate is being part of an arcade game. Then IOI gets the three key, but they can’t clear the final gate. Wade finds out about Daito’s death and also figures out where the third key is and has a clue to the last gate. He gets a plan to get into IOI (in the movie Samantha does) and gets information to take down IOI. The third key challenge was to find a guitar (in the movie it is  actually the final gate Castle Anorak). Wade does get the Gunters together to fight IOI. Wade kills Sorrento’s avatar in the huge battle. H, Samantha, and Wade go to the final gate and open the gate, but then suddenly a bomb goes off in the OASIS program. But Wade is still alive in the program because he had an extra life. He ends up doing the last challenge and gets the Easter Egg. He becomes Halliday’s avatar. Sorrento is arrested for murder. Wade finally meets Samantha in person.

I liked this book. I liked the book and the movie equally. I’m listening to next Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline.

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