The Silver Chair

I finished reading The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. It is the sixth book of the Narnia book series.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Eustace (the cousin of the four children in the other books) and Jill (a girl who is bullied in school) ask Aslan to bring them to Narnia. They do escape from the school, but they land on a cliff outside of Narnia. Jill accidentally throws Eustace over a cliff and Aslan brings him back to life. He gives Jill and Eustace (mostly Jill) a task to find the prince of Narnia who had been missing for many years. Jill messes up the instructions and they go wild adventures until they make things right. They do find the prince who was enchanted by a witch. The witch had killed the queen (the prince’s mother) and the prince had gone looking for the serpent (the witch) who killed his mother. (I was wondering why this book was called the silver chair.) The silver chair enchanted the prince every night. The enchantment made him believe that he would turn into a serpent and that’s why he was restrained in the chair, but actually, it was so he wouldn’t escape. Eustace and Jill freed the prince. The prince got to see his father one last time before he died. King Caspian got finally to see Aslan’s country like he wanted to in the previous book.

I had looked upon IMDB about if they were making this book into a movie. I saw they were in development, but I don’t know if it will happen.

I loved this book even though it did have a sad ending. I’m taking a small break from Narnia to listen to Ready Player One and Ready Player Two which are both by Ernest Cline.

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