Ex Machina

I watched Ex Machina. I had taped it when it was on Showtime. It has Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Sonoya Mizuno, Claire Selby. and
Gana Bayarsaikhan in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence in it.

In this movie, a man named Caleb “wins” a trip to test out a major project with his boss at a research building in the woods. He has to sign an ADA before knowing the project is. The project was an AI. The test was to see if the AI surpasses human intelligence. The AI’s name is Ava. Caleb does the test over several days. During the test though there are power outages. (It was obvious that Ava was causing the power outages.) Ava tells Caleb that his boss wasn’t being truthful. Caleb decides to get his boss drunk to see himself about the lies his boss was telling. He gets freaked out and he cuts his wrist thinking he was an AI. It was then when his boss tells him he didn’t actually win the trip. He was chosen. The test was actually to see if Ava would escape. The thing was Caleb did recode the system. Ava escapes and leaves Caleb in the research building.

I didn’t like the ending. I don’t like cliffhanger endings and there is not going to be a sequel. But I did like the rest of the movie. Next week I’m watching Pacific Rim Uprising.

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