The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I finished reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis. It is the third (fifth) book of the Narnia book series. Yes, there was a movie based on the book. Yes, I did re-watch the movie.

In this book, Edmund and Lucy are sent to their cousin’s house because Susan was going to America and Peter was away at college. Their cousin was a rude book who thinks he is a know it all, but secretly he wants to be like Edmund and Lucy who have adventures in Narnia. He gets his wish. A painting turns into a sea voyage for them. Prince Caspian is on a mission to find his fathers’ friends who went missing many years before. The brave mouse on the ship also has a mission to see the end of the world and Aslan’s country. On their journey, they go to an island where the cousin turns into a dragon and they discover that one of the lost lords was probably a dragon too. On another island, they discovered one of the lost lords became gold because of a magical pond. On another spooky island, they find one of the lords who was mentally damaged because the island made nightmares become real. Lucy helps make things visible on another island. On the last island, they find the last of lost lords sitting at a table. To wake them up, they have to go to the end of the world and leave one behind. In the end, the mouse sees Aslan’s country (heaven), and the children are sent back home.

The differences between the book and movie:

  1. The cousin doesn’t stay a dragon long. He turned back into a boy by Aslan as soon as they are ready to leave the dragon island. He doesn’t fight the serpent as a dragon, but as a boy.
  2. The serpent isn’t a product of the nightmare island like in the movie. Edmund doesn’t conjure the serpent up like the movie. Lucy tells them to push the serpent off the boat in the book.
  3. The mission of waking up the lords weren’t as dramatic in the book as in like the movie. They didn’t have to find swords and lay them on the table.
  4. Prince Caspian didn’t see Aslan at the end in the book. He was wanting to go, but everyone was telling him not to go with the mouse.  Aslan did tell him that Edmund and Lucy will go with the mouse to the edge of the world. Aslan doesn’t meet them at the wave like the movie.

I loved this book. Now I going to take another short intermission to listen to The Kaiser’s Web by Steve Berry. It is the sixteen book of the Cotton Malone book series.

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