Tess on the Road

I finished read Tess on the Road by Rachel Hartman. She has written other books about Tess’ half sister which I do want to read.

Big Warning: there is some sad parts.

In this book, a girl named Tess goes on a road journey. Lol She was supposed to be first to get married since she is the oldest twin. But she “disgraces” her family so her twin sister gets married instead. Tess is very outspoken and is unlike other girls. Her parents decide that she would be better in convent. But she runs away. On the way, she finds a childhood friend that she lost touch with for a few years. This childhood friend is a small dragon. They are on a mission to find the World Serpents that the small dragon told her about. Also on her journey she decides it is best for her to dress a man. She finds work easily and builds up muscle which helps her free a woman from a terrible priest. She also falls in love with a disabled man. Her twin sister wants her home, but she decides to set sail to find the World Serpents instead.

I loved this book. Back to my journey in Narnia, Prince Caspian is next.

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