The Art of Racing in the Rain

I finished listening to The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth Stein. I also watched the movie. The movie has Kevin Costner (love him), Milo Ventimiglia (love him), Amanda Seyfried, Andres Joseph, Gary Cole, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Kathy Baker, Ian Lake, and Martin Donovan in it.

Big Warning: Have tissues ready for both the book and movie.

Note: I do believe that all animals do have souls. I know people say that they don’t, but the bible doesn’t tell everything. I had once seen an episode of The Simpsons where Bart sells his soul. In the episode, Bart couldn’t laugh and have real emotion without his soul. Animals do have emotions.

In this movie and book, a dog named Enzo is picked by Denny to be his dog. He is unlike other dogs and he believes he will become a man when he dies. Denny is a race car driver. Enzo and Denny goes through many trials and Enzo does become a boy who gets to meet Denny in person.

Differences between book and movie:
1. Instead of pushing his in-law, in the book Denny is accused of rape.
2. Denny doesn’t know Eve is dead until a phone call in a dog park in the book. In the movie, he knows.
3. Denny isn’t invited to the funeral in the book.

I really loved the book and movie. Now I’m listening to Finding God in The Lord of the Rings by Kurt Bruner. Next week’s movie is A Dog Purpose. I may be listening to that book too later.

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