The Raven (2007)

I watched The Raven (2007) yesterday. Like I said I had to watch it on the computer. It has Andre Velts, Joy Lucelle De Gee, Nicholas Wickstrom, Traverse Le Goff, Brian Mitchell, and Colin Sutcliffe in it.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence and gay sex scenes.

First off this was a really bad movie. It did have an interesting twist, but the acting was really bad and the summary is all wrong. The summary goes that a masquerade ball happens and a masked killer shows up killing them one by one. There is a masked killer, but it really wasn’t a ball. And the guests weren’t costumes. The invitations weren’t even sent. And the masked killer gets away with the murders. He supposedly puts the blame of the murders on someone else. But he stabs the person who supposedly did the murders.

I didn’t like this movie. The director of this movie did make two other Poe movies. I may watch them. Next week I’m watching Noah.

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