The Raven (1963)

I watched The Raven yesterday. I had seen some of it before, but I don’t think I had seen all of it until now. I watched it on Tubi. It has Vincent Price (love him), Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Hazel Court, Olive Sturgess, and Jack Nicholson (love him).

In this movie, Dr. Craven gets a visitor of a raven who can talk! The raven is actually a magician who was turned into a raven during a duel. He helps the magician with turning turning him back into a human. The magician tells him that Dr. Scarabus turned him into one and that Dr. Scarabus has Craven’s wife. Craven’s wife Lenore (and nevermore) was supposedly dead. But she later admits someone’s body is the casket. She had left him for Scarabus. Scarabus was planning to take Craven’s powers. Craven wins the duel.

I loved this movie. Next week I’m watching the last The Raven version (2007) (Nevermore).

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