A Thousand Words

I watched A Thousand Words yesterday. I had taped it on Ovation, but I had to watch it on the computer. It has Eddie Murphy (love him), Kerry Washington, Emanuel Ragsdale, Lou Saliba, Cliff Curtis, John Gatins, and Clark Duke in it.

Big Warning: there is a sad part.

In this movie, a man named Jack McCall is a publishing agent. He talks nonstop (I actually knew a guy who is like that.). Jack pitches a job for his company about promoting a book written by a spiritual guru. He meets the spiritual guru. He nabs the job offer. While there he accidently marks a tree with his blood. He finds out a day later that the tree magically appears in his backyard. He asks the guru about the tree and the guru says the tree is a legend about a monk. Every time Jack talks, a leaf walks from the tree. Jack thinks if all the leaves fall, he will die. He gets sick too. He doesn’t die because he learns inner peace and the tree blooms beautiful flowers.

I loved this movie. Next week I’m watching The Raven (2012).

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