I watched Midsommar about two weeks ago. My mother and I watched it on Youtube. It has Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgren, Will Poulter, and Archie Madekwe in it.

Big Warning: some disturbing scenes and weird movie overall.

Note: this movie reminds me alot of the movie SuckerPunch. I will explain as I go along.

In this movie, a woman named Dani gets a disturbing message from her sister. She tries to call, but doesn’t get an answer. She tries to tell her boyfriend about it, but he thinks she is very needy and clingy. She later finds out her sister killed herself with her parents too. (In the movie SuckerPunch, a woman discovers that her stepfather is abusing her sister. She tries to kill him, but she kills her sister instead.) Anyway, Dani’s boyfriend does a bad job being there for her when she learns about her sister’s death. He tells her about a trip he wants to go on with his friends. He doesn’t want her to go with them, but she does because she needs a change of scenery. They are going to Sweden. When they arrive there, they do drugs. (This is where it gets weird. Like the movie SuckerPunch it could be all fantasy or have a deeper meaning.) Dani sees herself as being one with the trees. (this a foreshadowing of what it is to come.) Then they go to the village. There learn about a cult where the old kill themselves at a certain age and a disfigured person marks in a book to tell them what to do next. Dani’s birthday comes up, but her boyfriend gives her a birthday present late. She ends up being one of the women there and joins in a May Day dance. She is last one standing which becomes grounded with flowers. She also finds out out the cult wants her boyfriend to mate with one of them which he does because he was drugged. Dani goes crazy, but she decides to make her boyfriend one of the sacrifices. The end of the movie she is smiling. (This is like Suckerpunch because at the end of that movie she is smiling too. In both movies, they are both relieved and free from their grief and sorrow.)

I loved this movie. I will be watching Hereditary too.

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