Lego DC Batman: Family Matters

I watched Lego DC Batman: Family Matters a few weeks ago. I had taped it when it was on Cartoon Network. It has Troy Baker, Zach Callison, Christian Lanz, Tom Kenny, Will Friedle, Cam Clarke, Nolan North, André Sogliuzzo, Jason Spisak, Alyson Stoner, Scott Menville, and Tara Strong in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, Bruce Wayne wants to be Batman all the time. He is tired of meetings. He is addicted to the danger of being Batman. His company though is developing an AI that would control the company. Bruce decides that he wants to sell the company. That ends up being a bad idea because Two Face buys the company and takes over the AI which damages the city and goes after Batman and the others. Also Batman and the others get invitations to different places. They try to stop some of the criminals. They learn Red Hood is behind he invitations. They also discover that Red Hood is actually the other Robin. Batman ends up apologizing to the other Robin and they end being one big happy family again.

I loved this movie. Next week I’ll post about Murder 101: Killer Timing and Midsommar.

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