I watched Yentl yesterday. I taped it when it was on HBO. I watched it on Pluto TV. It has Barbra Streisand, Mandy Patinkin, Amy Irving, Nehemiah Persoff, and Jack Lynn in it.

In this movie, a woman named Yentl wants to learn about everything, but women weren’t allowed to read books. Men can only read books and the Torah. Women were only allow picture books. (This is so sexist. I am so glad that we don’t live in those times anymore.) When her father dies, Yentl cuts her hair to be able to study like the men. (This reminds me of Mulan. Only this movie takes it a little bit too far.) Yentl meets a man who becomes her study buddy. Yentl’s lies becomes too much for her and she ends up telling him everything and she leaves to be able to study as woman overseas (I assume America).

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching Flight.

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