The Stand

I finished listening to The Stand by Stephen King. Chris, my boyfriend, had been reading this book, but never finished it. I decided to listen to the book. I have seen the 1994 movie miniseries. There is a new show of the book, but I don’t have the channel to watch it.

Side Note: I think everyone who refuses to wear a mask should read or listen to this book. It is very uncanny of how relevant this book is. Stephen King wrote this book in 1978 and then in 1990 he added in a few details (which is the version I listened to.)  I really think everyone really should read (or listen to) this book. I had considered recommending my Sunday School bible study class to have study this book, but I really doubt they would go for it.

In this book, the government (a lab) makes a super virus and accidently releases it. It doesn’t tell how it was accidently released. (I think Covid was accidently released because they were researching bats to see what other bats from other regions have coronavirus. I had read a medical journal about the SARS virus (the original coronavirus that happened a few years ago) and it said they were going to research more bats from other regions.)

Anyway,  a man who worked out outside that government lab finds out and runs. He takes his wife and kid to Texas. His wife and kid die in the car. He later dies and spreads the virus. The virus spreads fast and millions of people die. The president (like our former) LIES about the virus saying it’s noting but the flu. Nothing to worry about.  The government tries to cover up the virus mess, but it is too late. Stu Redman is one of the people in Texas that was close to the man who first spread the virus. But Stu doesn’t get sick. The government try to figure out why, but can’t find out. Stu isn’t the only one who is immune to the virus, there are others that were immune. They were saved for a special purpose.

Stu and some others have dreams about a old black woman named Abagail. She is messenger of God. Others have dreams about a dark man named Randall Flagg (the villain in all Stephen King books). Flagg is a demon. He also goes by the Walking Dude, the Dark Man. Stu Redman, Larry Underwood, Glen Bateman, and Ralph Brentner  go to Las Vegas to take a Stand against Randall Flagg.

I loved this book. Now I’m going to read Mrs. McGinty’s Dead by Agatha Christie.

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