Mulan (2020)

While Chris was here, one of his Christmas/birthday presents was the new movie Mulan. I told Chris that I had been really wanting to see this new version so we watched it. It has Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jason Scott Lee, Pei-Pei Cheng, Jun Yu, and Ron Yuan in it.

Big Warning: there is violence.

Since most people have seen the animated version, here’s a quick summary. Mulan decided to substitute herself instead of her injured father when there is an order for soldiers. She dresses as a man and goes into the battle. Unlike the animated movie, a phoenix follows her to watch over her in this movie. After saving the emperor, she is asked to be part of the army, but she refuses.

I loved this movie. Chris didn’t like it. He kept saying that she wasn’t a real person. But I think some folklore can be based on real people. For example our legend of King Arthur and Robin Hood. Here’s an article about the origin of Mulan:

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