A Crafty Christmas Romance

I watched A Crafty Christmas Romance yesterday. I taped it when it was on Lifetime. It has Nicola Posener, Brad Johnson, Renny Grames, Paul D. Hunt, Rachel Olvera, and Anne Sward in it.

In this movie, a woman named Mandy owns a craft store. She had been helping the county collecting toys and gifts for a toy and gift fund. She finds abox filled with used toys and books. One of the books has a letter to Santa written by a girl named Judith. The letter was dated 70 years earlier. In the envelop was a coin too. She decides to find the owner of the letter and coin. She finds out a renovator named Jonah had set out the box at her store. He decides to help her find the owner of the letter and coin. They do find the owner and they give back the book, letter and coin. Jonah and Mandy fall in love and kiss the first time.

I did like this movie, but I do agree with some people on IMDB that there was no spark between Mandy and Jonah. (Saturday I’m watching The Stand (the 1994 miniseries). Yes, I’m listening to the book this weekend too.) Next week I’m watching The Christmas Bow.

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