Kor’Thank Barbarian Valley Girl

I finished reading Kor’Thank Barbarian Valley Girl by Kent Wayne. He also wrote the Echo book series I read about a year ago. He writes funny ads on his blog about his books.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

Note: I had been going back and forth about getting and reading this book. Kent had a free promotion for this book a few months ago. After reading a excerpt, I decided to get the free book. I am so glad I got the book and read it.  It is so much better than what I thought. It’s awesome.  This is a short summery because I don’t really want give away too much.

In this book, a teenager named Peter Lee is a genius. When he was little, he had given a powerful drug to a girl named Holly. Holly “kills” Peter’s dog. That action starts a war between Peter and Holly. In high school, Holly is a cheerleader. Peter drugs Holly again, but this time Holly changes bodies with a barbarian king named Kor’Thank.

Another note: this book does have a lesson. Accept change and accept who you are. Kor’Thank did get what he wanted once he accepted the change and who he is. He was bored and got a epic battle. Peter got over his hatred of Holly and helped in the battle.

I loved this book. Now I’m going to listen to The Warsaw Protocol by Steve Berry. It is the latest Cotton Malone book.

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