The Darwin Affair

I finished reading The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In this book, Queen Victoria was attacked again. The inspector over the case decides that the attack was part of a conspiracy. No one believes him. He ends up being right, but the conspiracy is against the prince, not the Queen like he thought. The conspiracy tells with the fact that the Prince likes Darwin’s ideas and wants him to be knighted. Some of the scientists and religious people don’t like that so they hire an assassin. The assassin is insane. He plays as a surgeon and cuts the ears off his victims. The assassin kidnaps a boy who had seen the assassin on the day of the attack of the Queen. The boy gets confused and sorta wants to be free. The inspector does find out that the Prince is in danger and demands to be with the Prince at all times on a family trip. The Prince finally believes the inspector when the assassin makes his move. The Prince was killed, but he gets injured thank goodness. But the assassin gets away.  The inspector does find the assassin and kills him.

I did like this book. Now I’m reading  Kor’Thank: Barbarian Valley Girl by Kent Wayne. He wrote the Echo books that I loved.

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