Midnight Sun

I finished reading Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. It is part of the Twilight book series.

Note: This is a “new” book not the unfinished book that was online a few years ago. Someone had stolen the draft and published online. She was really angry about it and I thought she wouldn’t write the actual book. So I downloaded the draft and read it. I think I ended up deleting the file. I was very surprised that she actually wrote the book and published it.

This book is of Edward’s point of view of what happened when he met Bella. (I keep thinking of the movie which is not like the original book or this book. I actually had to refresh my memory of  some of the original book.) You should read the Twilight book series before reading this book.

I did like this book. Stephenie Meyer did say she is going to write more Twilight books. I don’t know if that means she is continuing with Edward’s point of view of the rest of the series. I really would like her to do a book series of Renesmee and Jacob’s adventures together.  Now I’m reading Malorie by Josh Malerman.  It is the sequel to BirdBox.

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