The Third Secret

I finished listening to The Third Secret by Steve Berry. It is not part of the Cotton Malone book series, but one of his stand alone books.

Warning: there is some violence and a suicide.

In this book, a man named Colin Michener is told by the pope to look into the Mary visionaries. Colin does because he is the pope’s secretary. But he can’t understand why. Later he finds out that it has to do with the third secret of Fatima. The pope finds out there was more to the third secret that was said in public. A bishop had stole part of the third secret. But the translator of the third secret sent a copy of it to the pope. The pope sends Colin to find out about another secret, but then the pope dies suddenly. Colin goes to find out that other secret and finds the third secret to compare them. Once he knows the secret, the church and his life is changed forever.

I loved this book. Now I’m reading Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. Yes, it is the “new” Twilight book.

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