By Pricking of my Thumbs (book)

I finished reading By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie. It is the fourth book of the Tommy and Tuppence books series. There are five books in the book series.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Tommy’s aunt is a nursing home. Tommy and Tuppence decide it was time to visit his aunt. The aunt is rude to Tuppence so she goes to sit in the waiting room where she meets a nice old lady (so it seems). Tuppence stares at the fireplace and the old lady says something strange. She asks Tuppence was it your poor child dead in the fireplace. Later on Tommy’s aunt dies and Tuppence wants to go back to the nursing home to see if she can ask the old lady what she meant by the dead child in the fireplace. She doesn’t get to ask because the old lady was taken away by “family.” Tuppence notices a picture on the wall in the aunt’s room. It was supposedly given to the aunt by that old lady.  Tuppence says she knows that house in the picture. She had seen it from a train. Tommy goes to a conference so Tuppence goes looking for that house. She does find the house, but she doesn’t find a dead child in the fireplace. She asks around to find the old lady, but no one knows her. But she does hear of tales of missing children that turned up dead. Then Tuppence gets hit in the head. Tommy comes home to find Tuppence gone. He goes looking for her and finds out about a criminal gang who robs banks and hides the loot in houses. When Tommy gets back with Tuppence, they find some of that loot. Later on Tuppence does find out who is the child murderer (which is a complete surprise to me and her).

I did like this book. I told my mother about this book and she likes it too. Now I’m reading Postern of Fate by Agatha Christie. It is the fifth book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series.

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