N, or M? (book)

I finished read N, or M? by Agatha Christie. It is the third book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series. There are five books in the book series. The second half of the show Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime is based on this book.

Big Warning:  there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Tuppence is bored. She wants to work for the government, but they aren’t taking in middle aged people. Tommy and Tuppence have two children who are twins (one daughter and one son). Then Mr. Grant arrives asking Tommy to do some “desk work.” Tuppence listens in to the secret work that Mr. Grant wants Tommy to do. So Tuppence ends up being part of that secret work too. The secret work is to find out who N and M are. M is a woman who is secretly working for the Germans. N is a man who is secretly working for the Germans too. Mr. Grant puts Tommy working in a house called Sans Souci. They suspect the owner and a chemist who is guest there. Then a little girl goes missing. A disturbed woman had kidnapped the little girl. One of the guests kills the disturbed woman who was threatening throw the little girl over the cliff. Then Tommy gets kidnapped too. His kidnapper, a general, might be N.  Tuppence gets Albert working on finding Tommy. Then she is approached by a man who supposedly works with her daughter. He tells her that Tommy is fine and she is needed to help stop the people behind the kidnapping. She does it, but she realizes it was a trap. Albert does find Tommy and they hitch plan to find out who M is. Tuppence does find out who M is and it is someone they (and me) doesn’t suspect.

Differences between show and book:

  1. The chemist isn’t kidnapped in the book. It is a little girl who is kidnapped first.
  2. There are no bombs in the book.
  3. Mrs. Sprot has a little girl in the book.
  4. Carl is a German and I don’t think he looks like he does in the show. And in the book he is the chemist (who isn’t kidnapped in the book).
  5. Mr. Carter recommends Tommy to Mr. Grant in the book. He is retired in the book.
  6. Tommy and Tuppence have twins in the book. In the show they have one son.
  7. Tommy is alone when he is kidnapped in the book.
  8. There are some characters that aren’t in the book that are in show.
  9. Tommy doesn’t sell wigs or is a bee keeper in the book. In the book, he was an secret agent.
  10. Mr. Carter wasn’t Tommy’s uncle in the book.
  11. Albert was a shoe shine boy in the book, not a teacher as in the show.

I  liked this book more than the show. The book has a better plot. Now I’m reading By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie. It the fourth book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series.

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