The Secret Adversary

I finished reading The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. It is the first book in the Tommy and Tuppence book series. There are five books in the book series. Like I said earlier, I’m reading this book because of a new show on Ovation network called Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Tommy and Tuppence want to be adventurers.  They put out an announcement. Tuppence gets an offer by a man named Mr. Whittington. He wants her to go to Paris. When asked for her name, she gives a fake name (of a real girl) Jane Finn. Jane Finn was a girl who was on a boat which was sinking. A man standing next to her hands her some important documents because women and children are off the boat first. Jane Finn goes missing. Mr. Whittington was wanting to use Tuppence as a fake Jane Finn. When Tuppence uses that name, Mr. Whittington pays her off. Then Tommy and Tuppence meets a man who is a secret agent who tells them about who Jane Finn is and about the important. He hires them to find Jane Finn. Then they meet a cousin of Jane Finn who wants to find her too. They do eventually find Jane Finn and find the important documents.

The difference between the show and book:

  1. Jane Finn is on a train on the show and not on a boat like the book.
  2. Tommy and Tuppence aren’t married in the book. Tommy does ask Tuppence get married in the Partners in Crime book (the short stories book).
  3. Tommy and Tuppence doesn’t have a kid in this book.
  4. Albert is a shoe shine boy that lives near Rita in the book. In the show, he is teacher and Tommy’s friend.
  5. Mr. Carter is not related to Tommy in the book.
  6. Julius is Jane’s cousin in the book and he does proposed to her. In the book, Julius has much bigger part in the book. He helps Jane and Tuppence escape. I think he is much younger in the book and he’s not black.
  7. The house in Solo is not a peep show place. It was actually a meeting place with many important people.
  8. Mr. Brown wasn’t an assassin in the book.
  9. Rita isn’t an opera singer in the book. Tuppence, Peel, and Julius witness the murder of Rita. She wasn’t hanged.
  10. Jane faked being Annette in the book. Jane had documents in the book and not a tape recording as in the show.
  11. Tommy doesn’t owns bees in the book and I think he was a secret agent in the book.

I did like the book better than the first part of the show. Now I’m reading N, or M? by Agatha Christie. It is the third book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series and the second part of the Agaths Christie’s Partners in Crime show.

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