Partners in Crime

I finished reading Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie.  This is the second book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series. There are five books in the book series.

Note: I wanted to read this book because Ovation network has a new show called Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime. I thought the show would be based on the book, but it’s based on this book, but two other books in the series which I am going to read.

This book is a short stories book. In this book,  Tommy and Tuppence take over the Brunt Detective Agency. Since no one knows who the real Mr. Blunt is, Tommy becomes Mr. Blunt. They solve some interesting crimes. One was of a missing pearl, one was solving alibi issue (which I solved before they did), a switching of a suitcase, etc.

I love this book. Next I’m reading The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. It is the first book in the Tommy and Tuppence book series. 

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