The Amber Room

I finished listening to The Amber Room by Steve Berry. It is a stand-alone book. I think it is his first published book.

Big Warning: there is a rape scene and talks of torture.

In this book, a judge named Rachel  has a father who survived WWII. Her father is obsessed with the amber room (panels made of carved amber). A man named Christian and a woman named Susanne are treasure hunters for two rich families. They steal art and other things that were already stolen. They are looking for the amber room. Although Susanne knows where the amber room is. Christian visits Rachel’s father and discovers nothing so he kills Rachel’s father.  In the end, they all know where the amber room is.

The Amber Room is a real thing. Here’s info on it:

I sorta liked this book. I would love to see the amber room. Now I’m listening to The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry.

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