The Columbus Affair

I finished reading The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry. It is a stand alone book.  There are seventeen books in the main Cotton Malone book series.  There is a prequel of this book called The Admiral’s Mark which I read earlier.

Warning: there is some violence

In this book, a man named Sagan is about to kill himself. His name was ruined and he sorta knew who was behind his name being ruined. Then he gets a visit by a man who shows him a video of his daughter being tied up. He is asked to agree for his father’s grave to be dung up. He finally agrees. His daughter wasn’t really kidnapped. She set the thing up so he would agree to have the grave dung up. In the grave was a packet of stuff that a man (who “kidnapped” Sagan’s daughter) was really after. The packet told about where to find the Jewish Temple treasure is.  Christopher Columbus (not his real name) was a Jew (might be true) and had hidden the Jewish Temple treasure.  Sagan doesn’t kill himself instead he refuses to let the man have the packet and go after the treasure himself. In the end, he finds himself and restores his relationship with his daughter.

I liked this book. Now I’m listening to The Amber Room by Steve Berry.

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