The Tudor Plot

I finished reading the short story The Tudor Plot by Steve Berry. It is book 7.5 of the Cotton Malone book series.  There are seventeen books in the main Cotton Malone book series.

Big Warning: there is some violence and a hint of incest.

In this book, Cotton Malone is in England to attend a trial of some terrorists. But before he could actually attend the trial is asked to go with some men. They take him to see the Queen. The Queen asks Cotton to look into a personal matter involving a plot against one of the princes. A man had said mysterious about King Arthur and that one of the princes could be in danger. Plus there was a media attack against the heir to the throne which none of wanted to be king anyway. The media attack was run by a man named Lord Yourstone who took over a publication to hide the fact that his son is sterile and to use the media to expose the heir’s affairs. Lord Yourstone had a plan to make his son’s wife queen by getting rid of the two princes. He even tried to kill one of the princes. He also was trying to find the legendary Arthur’s grave. Cotton did stop the attempt on the prince with the help of an MI6 agent, but the agent was working with Yourstone. He killed Yourstone’s son and killed Lord Yourstone. Cotton did find some artifacts of Arthur.

I did like this short story. Now I’m reading The Devil’s Due by Steve Berry. It is another short story of the Cotton Malone book series.

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