The Admiral’s Mark

I finished reading The Admiral’s Mark by Steve Berry.  It is a short story of the Cotton Malone book series. It’s a prequel of The Columbus Affair (which I will be reading later). There are seventeen books in the main book series so far.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this short story/prequel, Cotton Malone’s brother-in-law dies. He drown in Haiti. It was recorded as an accident. But Cotton’s wife (now ex) orders him to find out what really happened to his brother-in-law.  He finds out that his brother-in-law had send his wife a mysterious message. Cotton goes to his brother-in-law’s house and someone is there too. Two men are searching too. When he goes to Haiti, he finds out those two men are there too. He snoops in their room and finds a pamphlet of an auction about a book. Then two more men grab Cotton. These new men are with the Israeli government. The Israelis are after the two men Cotton saw in his brother-in-law’s house. Cotton goes to the auction and wins the book. He learns that the book and the mysterious message are connected. They are about Christopher Columbus. A page was ripped out of the book. Cotton is ordered to find that missing page. He does find it and he hands over to the Israeli government.

I did like this short story. Now I’m reading The Tudor Plot by Steve Berry. It is another short story of the Cotton Malone book series.

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