Mary Poppins and the House Next Door

I finished listening to Mary Poppins and the House Next Door by P.L. Travers. It is the sixth book of the Mary Poppins book series. There are eight books in the series.

In this book, A telegram comes for Mr. Banks. He comes home early and reads the telegram. The telegram is from his governess, Miss Andrew. She says she is moving in next door.  Mr. Banks  did see a tent up next door and neighbors gathered before he came home so that is what the fuss is about. Miss Andrew is known to him as a holy terror. When she moves in, she had brought with her a boy from the South Seas. He was to learn from her and help her with her medicine and help with the porridge. He sees the Banks’ children for hour while Miss Andrew is asleep. Then suddenly he is called home so Mary Poppins helps him get back home. Mary Poppins and the kids go up in the clouds and they meet the Man in the Moon. The moon is full of lost things. The Man in the Moon agrees to make sure the South Seas boy makes it home safely. Mary Poppins tells him to skip the clouds to get home.  Miss Andrew finds a new home.

I liked this book. Now I’m going to listen to The Lake of Learning by Steve Berry. It is short story.

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