The Malta Exchange

I finished listening to The Malta Exchange by Steve Berry. It is the fourteenth book of the Cotton Malone. There are fifteen books so far in the Cotton Malone book series.

Big Warning: there is some violence. Big Warning 2: there is a major twist.

In this book, Cotton is asked by the British Intelligence to steal some letters from a guy who was going to sell the letters to them. The letters were between Winston Churchhill and Benito Mussolini. Cotton goes to the seller’s house to discover a bear is in the room where the letters are hidden. Meanwhile two other people are there and they want those letters. They kills the seller. Cotton gets rid of the bear and finds one of the people and kills him, but the letters are gone.  Meanwhile, Luke Daniels is on mission to find out what a Cardinal is up to. The Cardinal wants the letters and a document that Mussolini had supposedly hidden. The Cardinal wants to use the hidden document to become pope (who is dying). Luke messes up the mission and the Malta Intelligence agency  offers to help. Cotton and Luke Daniels meet up to find the hidden document. Then a big major twist happens which surprised me. Cotton does take the bad guy down.

I loved this book. I’m waiting on the latest Cotton Malone audiobook The Warshaw Protocol which I have on hold on Overdrive. While I wait, I’m going to read 4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie.

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