Riddled with Deceit: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery

I watched Riddled with Deceit: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery yesterday. I taped it when it was on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. It is based on a book series by Philip R. Craig (I haven’t read them). It has Jesse Metcalfe, Sarah Lind, Eric Keenleyside, Cameron Bancroft, Chelsea Hobbs, Bradley Stryker, Sunita Prasad, Johannah Newmarch, Matthew James Dowden, Vincent Gale, and Dejan Loyola in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In this movie, Jeff is asked to be a bodyguard of an party of bringing home a high jeweled broach. They were on the lookout of some thieves who tried to steal broach before it made it to Martha’s Vineyard. Then someone breaks into Britt’s (the woman who now owns the broach) house. Then it was reported that the broach was “stolen” and one man was killed. The man who was killed actually hidden the broach away. Then another death appears. Jeff ends up finding out who the killers are and he finds the broach. (The killers were a surprise to me.)

I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching Things to Do in Denver when You are Dead.

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