I finished reading Affliction by Laurell K Hamilton. It is the twenty second book of the Anita book series. There are twenty six books in the Anita Blake book series.

Warning: there are some gross parts and sex parts.

In this book, Anita gets a call from Micah’s mother. His mother tells her that Micah’s father is dying. His father is a cop and he got bitten by a “zombie” and he is rotting inside. But Anita never heard of this happening so she agrees to try to get Micah there to see his dad before he dies. They go there and Anita finds out there are zombies and rotting vampires. She finds out one big bad vampire is behind it. She ends up killing one of her bodyguards who get possessed by this big bad vampire. When it is on the news, Edward comes to help out. (Yay Edward!) Another marshal does a big mistake and more people get killed. Anita and Edward correct the mistake and kill the zombie and rotting vampires with fire.  She learns that the vampire behind the disease is the Lover of Death and she has help in killing him.

I sorta liked this book.  Next I’m listening to The Lost Order by Steve Berry. It is the twelfth book of the Cotton Malone book series.

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