Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I finished listening to Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix by J.K. Rowling. It is the fifth book of  the Harry Potter book series.  There is a movie based on the book. I watched it on Halloween.

Warning: there is lots of violence.

Since most people have read the book or seen the movie, here’s a quick summary: Dumbledore tries to warn everyone that Lord Voldmort is back. No one believes him and doesn’t believe Harry Potter.  Harry Potter and his cousin gets attacked by dark creatures. Harry ends up going against a meeting for protecting him and his cousin. Later Harry finds out about a secret society who tries to convince others about the dark lord is back. Harry ends up having visions about a dark hall. He learns about his past.

Differences between the movie and the book:

  1. The battle between harry, his friends against the dark eaters is different in the book. Ron is attacked by a brain and struck funny, Hermione is out cold.
  2. Dumberdore does tell Harry about his past.
  3. Umbridge wasn’t taken by the giant in the book like in the movie
  4. Harry uses Umbridge’s fire twice and she catches him the second time.
  5. The quitch match happens in the book. The movie doesn’t even have quitch in it.
  6. Ron is a player in quitch.
  7. Ron and Hermione are prefects in the book.
  8. Hargrid and Professor McGonagall  gets attacked by Umbridge in the book.

I did like this book and the movie. I think I like the book better. I did put the audiobook of the sixth book on hold. I’m listening to Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton. It is the 19th book of the Anita Blake book series.

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