V.C. Andrews’ Web of Dreams

I watched V.C. Andrews’ Web of Dreams yesterday. It based on the book by V.C. Andrews. No, I haven’t read the books. It has Jennifer Laporte, Max Lloyd-Jones, Cindy Busby, David Lewis, Tim Donadt, Liam Hughes, and Lizzie Boys in it.

Warning: there is rape.

In this movie, Annie goes back to the mansion after Troy dies. Rye Whiskey gives her Leigh’s diary (in the book according to wikipedia, Annie finds the diary in a back drawer in Jillian’s room). Annie reads the diary. Jillian divorces Leigh’s “father” (it sorts hints that perhaps Cleave is not her biological dad). Jillian was having an affair with a much younger Tony Tatterton. She ends up marrying him. Leigh doesn’t like it. She is sent to a private school. On her birthday, she is given a model doll which she had sat for with Tony. Tony asked Leigh to pose nude for the doll which lead her to be raped by Tony twice. She ended up pregnant and Jillian had nothing to do with her so Leigh ran away to discover her grandmother had died. She ends up meeting Luke Casteel which she marries and dies in childbirth. Annie finds a note from a private investigator who told Tony about the death of Leigh and birth of Heaven.

I sorta liked this movie. Since next week is Halloween week, I’m watching Vamps which is a comedy horror movie.

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