Gates of Paradise (movie)

I watched Gates of Paradise yesterday. It is based on the Casteel book series by V.C Andrews. No, I haven’t read the books. It has Jason Priestley, Lizzie Boys, Johannah Newmarch, Jason Cermak, Pauline Egan, Michael Karl Richards, Ben Sullivan, and Keenan Tracey in it.

Warning: there is some disturbing scenes.

In this movie, Annie is grown up. She’s 18 years old. Heaven, Annie, and Logan go to Fanny’s (Heaven’s “sister”) 40th birthday party. They get in a car accident and Annie is crippled. Heaven and Logan are dead. Annie goes to live with Tony (Heaven’s biological dad). She quickly figures out the nurse and Tony are keeping her hostage at the manor. Luke, her “half-brother” comes to rescue her. She finds out through Troy (her biological dad) that Luke is not her half-brother which they can be together.

I did sorta liked this movie. I had read the wikipedia of the book and there were a few differences between the book and movie. Next week I’m watching Web of Dreams.

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