V.C. Andrews’ Fallen Hearts

I watched Fallen Hearts yesterday. I taped it when it was on Lifetime. It is based on the Casteel books series by V.C. Andrews. No, I haven’t read the books. It has Annalise Basso, Jason Priestley, Kelly Rutherford, James Rittinger, Jason Cermak, Jessica Clement, Chris William Martin, and Sebastian Leroux in it.

Warning: there is a sex scene.

In this movie, Heaven gets in engaged to Logan and marries him. They decide to have the honeymoon at Tony’s manor. Tony (her biological father) tells them that he wants them to be presidents of a new toy company. They agree to doing it. Logan goes to see about the construction and Heaven stays there at the manor to be with her grandmother who is really sick. While there, Heaven finds out Troy is still alive and she sleeps with him one last time. When she goes back home, she finds out her step-sister is pregnant with her husband’s baby. Heaven is also pregnant with her uncle’s baby. Then Luke dies in car crash and Heaven ends up with custody of Luke’s son after paying her step-sister a million dollars.

I sorta liked this movie. I did read the wikipedia of the book and there were a few differences between the book and movie. Next week I’m watching Gates of Paradise.

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