N0S4A2 (book)

I finally finished N0S4A2 by Joe Hill yesterday. Yes, there was a show that is based on the book. It was on AMC. There were some differences between book and show.  There is supposedly a second season coming out next year.

Warning: there is some violence and some disturbing parts. Warning 2: there is a sad, but good ending.

In this book, a girl named Vic is given a bike for her birthday. She rides it fast and discovers a covered bridge appears. She crosses that bridge and ends up finding stuff that was lost. She thinks she is crazy. So she uses the bridge to find someone who can tell her what is wrong with her. She meets another girl named Maggie. Maggie tells her some people are creative and they can make thoughts into reality. Vic’s bridge is her thought made into reality. Her bike is her knife. Maggie’s knife is scrabble tiles. Maggie tells her about Charlie Manx. Charlie is a “man” who had been kidnapping kids. Charlie is actually a psychic vampire who sucks the life force (or innocence) out of the kids and makes them into vampires. He also takes them to his thought of reality he calls Christmasland. He says he takes the unhappiness away and it’s always Christmas in Christmasland.  Maggie tells Vic isn’t ready to fight Manx yet.

Later Vic decides to try to fight Manx, but sorta fails. He “dies.” But someone fixes up his car which is his knife and it brings him back to life. Vic refuses to believe he is “alive.” Her son is taken by Manx and they finally fight and she wins.

I sorta liked this book. There were some parts I didn’t like. I didn’t like how sad the ending was. Now I’m going to listen to A House Like a Lotus by Madeleine L’Engle. It is last Polly O’Keefe book.

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