Dragons in the Waters

I finished Dragons in the Waters by  Madeleine L’Engle. It is the second book of the Polly O’Keefe book series. There are three books in the book series.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Polly, her brother Charles, and her father are going on a boat ride to Port of Dragons in Venezula. They met a boy named Simon Renier and his “Cousin” Forsyth Phair who are going to Caracas to deliver an important painting to a museum.  When Simon tries to board the ship he almost gets killed, but Polly saves him. Simon almost gets killed again later on, but one of the ship’s staff saves him. Then Simon’s “cousin” gets killed on the ship. They find out later that the cousin was a con man and the real Forsyth Phair died a few months back. The con man was trying to kill Simon. In the end, the murderer was caught and Simon finds peace on Dragonlake.

I loved this book. I will be getting the third Polly book. I’m reading next N0S4A2 by Joe Hill. Yes, there is a tv show based on the book. I will be watching it while reading the book.

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