The Belko Experiment

I watched The Belko Experiement yesterday. I taped it when it was on Cinemax. I had thought I seen this, but I hadn’t. It has John Gallagher Jr., John C. McGinley, Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona, Melonie Diaz, Owain Yeoman, Brent Sexton, and Gregg Henry in it.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence in it.

In this movie, a company called Belko Industries does inspections at the front gate and lets some people leave. There are 80 employees in the building. A voice announces they have kill two people in the building or some people will die. At first they think it’s a joke until people die. There is little trackers in their heads which cause the first people to die. Later on the voice says that the one who has the highest kills lives. In the end, Mike is the sole survivor. He learns that the whole thing was an experiment.Mike kills the man behind the voice and two guards. Then the screen shows other experiments happening, and stage 2 is going to begin.

I did like this movie. But I think I would have took out the tracker after killing the guards. I don’t know if there will be a sequel to this movie. I hope there will be to see what stage 2 is. Next week I’m watching The Turning Point.

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