Courting Darkness

I finished reading Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers. It is part of the His Fair Assassins book series. I have read the other books in the book series. I do highly recommend them to anyone who loves historical fiction.

Warning: Of course there is some violence since they are assassins. There are three sex scenes.

In this book. Mortain, the god of Death, has died. His daughters (the assassins) discover that one of his gifts is gone. The marque on which they know who to kill is no longer visible. But other gifts are still usable. One of his daughter is Lady Sybella. She is positioned at the duchess’ side. The king of France decides to marry the duchess instead of causing a war. The king’s sister, though, doesn’t like it and doesn’t like Sybella who stand up for the duchess. Sybella’s brother breaks in the castle and tries to take the younger sisters away from Sybella. But the king intervenes later on. Sybella also tries to look for Death’s other daughters. She later learns too late that they were positioned miles away from the castle. Meanwhile Genevieve and Margot (two other assassins) are positioned at a Count’s side. Margot forgoes her duties as an assassin to become the Count’s mistress. She ends up dying in childbirth. The Count tells (a lie I think) Genevieve that the convent is disbanded. The Count really wants to either make Genevieve his mistress or have control over her.  She meets a prisoner who ends up of noble blood. She decides to use him to escape the castle. She spills the beans about the convent to the king.

I loved this book. I hope there will be more book in this series since it did have a cliffhanger ending. I’m reading next Pet Sematary by Stephen King. Yes, I have seen the older version of movie. I hope to see the remake too. 

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