Mary Poppins Comes Back

I finished listening to Mary Poppins Comes Back by Pamela Lyndon Travers. It is the second book of the Mary Poppins book series.

This book is not like the newest movie. The children aren’t adults yet. Michael Banks turns six in this book. Isabelle is born in this book. She is the fifth Banks kid. Although there is two scenes that are in newest movie and this book. Mary Poppins comes back riding on a kite and the balloon scene near the end of the newest movie.

In this book, like I said Mary Poppins comes back riding on a kite. She is still rude to children. She takes them on wild adventures. She leaves again leaving them a locket with their pictures in it.

I did enjoy this book. I may get some books from this book series later on. Now I’m reading Echo Volume 4: The Edge of Darkness by Kent Wayne.

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