The Truth about Lies

I watched The Truth about Lies last Monday. I taped it when HBO was a free preview. It has Odette Annable, Colleen Camp, Fran Kranz, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Chris Diamantopoulos, Miles Fisher, and Laura Kightlinger in it.

Warning: it has one sex scene.

In this movie, a man (Gilby) loses his job, his apartment, and his girlfriend all in one day. He tries to stay at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and that is when the lies start. They both lie to a guy she is seeing about who Gilby is. Gilby’s friend invites him to a party where he meets his friend’s sister. He lies to her about owning a graphic business. Then he finds out the sister is married. Her husband needs someone to look after his business. The sister suggests Gilby. Gilby and the sister have affair. Then the lies catch up with Gilby. In the end, he continues seeing the sister.

I sorta liked this movie. This Monday I watched The Truth about Charlie. Next week I’m watching Magic Mike XXL.

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