Snow White: A Tale of Terror

I watched Snow White: A tale of Terror a little early in case my power went out (it didn’t) with the snow storm we had. I taped it when Showtime was a free preview. It has Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, Gil Bellows, Taryn Davis, and Monica Keena in it.

Warning: there is alot of violence and one sex scene.

I had seen a little bit of this movie before, but I don’t think I had seen all of it. This not a Disney version, it’s Grimm. lol Although it’s not exactly like Brothers Grimm story. (I just read it. And I’ll post it below.) In this movie, Lilliana dies in childbirth. Her daughter is named Lilli. Her father marries a beautiful woman named Claudia. Claudia has a magic mirror. She gets jealous of Lilli because gets all the attention. Claudia asks her brother to kill Lilli. He doesn’t and kills a pig instead. Claudia and Lilli’s father eats what she thinks is Lilli. The mirror tells her that Lilli is alive. Lilli finds an abandon abbey which houses a band of misfits who mine. One of them does fall in love with her. Claudia tries to kill Lilli, but fails. Then she becomes an old woman and gives her the poisoned apple. Lilli is put in a glass coffin. Then she shook awake. Lilli goes to save her father and kills her stepmother and her weird baby that Claudia tries to bring back to life.

Here is the original Grimm story:

I did like this movie. Next Monday I’m watching WarCraft. I’m watching Dark Places once I finish the book.

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