My shopping weekend

Black Friday was this past Friday. I shopped online. I had a cold anyway. I feel much better today.

There were some stuff I needed like thumb protectors when I play my clarinet. I had a strap, but lost the thumb cushion. Now these thumb protectors should help better because I won’t lose them.

I also got a blanket and a Petsmart gift card for Chris. My mother had took back her comforter claiming I wasn’t cleaning it good enough. That comforter Chris uses when he comes down for a visit. So I got a warm blanket for his visits. He has a cat and he needs to get some toys and good food for his cat.

I got some new bowls and toys for Lily. She tore a hole in one toy so she needed a new toy.

I also got a mp3 player so I can listen to my audiobooks in the living room since my new Kindle won’t play mp3 files.

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